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Mountains of waste

We are battling mountains of waste—more than $1 trillion a year of tax payer money—resulting from inefficiencies in cost and quality. Adding to the problem is the growth of data—it’s accelerating, giving way to more errors and waste.




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To control complexity and fight waste, you need access to people who understand your challenges, a recovery infrastructure that can scale to your needs, and a powerful and flexible data platform paired with advanced analytics. Performant does all of this by offering a holistic approach to solving waste using:


with a proprietary data-processing platform


Experts understand the intricacies of your industry


infrastructure based on large-scale workflow technologies

Analytic solutions using advanced data-processing horsepower allow you to go deep into your organization—and tease out actionable knowledge. With analytics rooted in enormous amounts of data, we make it easy to find patterns and discrepancies—increasing speed to impact.

Do you have the right people looking in the right places? Improper payments degrade the integrity of commercial and government programs—compromising your bottom line. You need to identify, measure and validate the source of the error. Performant’s audit solutions are based on data to get to the root cause and correct the issue the first time. By combining teams of industry experts with proprietary tools and analytics, we act with speed and precision to improve your audit findings and recovery efforts.

Apply the right tools to recover lost value. Billions of dollars in improper payments occur in the U.S. every year. Recovering these dollars without negatively impacting customers is a challenge. To fast-track returns and protect customer relationships, you need a comprehensive solution pressure-tested across different industries. Performant has the infrastructure, people and know-how to quickly and efficiently recover lost funds. Our recovery services feature end-to-end capabilities that work at every level to improve, simplify and automate the process of recovering value.


Healthcare data is growing and getting more complex, leading to more errors and waste. With more than $800 billion wasted in the healthcare system each year, you need a solution that looks at the big picture and applies the right resources to the right places. With smarter analytics, an advanced workflow system and a team of industry experts, we dive into the details to find the areas that yield the highest returns. What makes us different?

  • Experience and application: 
    We are one of only four Medicare Recovery Auditors in the nation and also serve more than 80 million commercial health plan lives.
  • Better outcomes through scoring and selection:
    We use a library of detection algorithms and scoring models to identify and select the claims that will yield the highest returns—making sure your program goals are met.
  • Fast results:
    We can go from identification to dollars-in-the-door within months.


We have a proven track record of managing billion-dollar accounts and delivering results.

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