Our mission is to be the best in maximizing revenue, quality and cost integrity for the clients we serve.

Helping you with a complete approach to enterprise integrity

Billions of dollars are lost each year to waste, improper payments and unpaid debts.

Performant helps organizations enhance revenue and contain costs by preventing, identifying and recovering delinquent and improperly paid assets. More than that, we do it quickly and efficiently—achieving immediate financial impact for our clients.


Why We Are Different

  • Seasoned Experts. Our experts understand the intricacies of your industry—helping guide resources and achieve results.
  • Recovery Infrastructure. Our infrastructure is built on workflow technologies and processes that can scale to manage accounts ranging to billions of dollars per client.
  • Analytics. Our analytics are powered by a proprietary data processing platform that can analyze huge data sets with ease, precision and speed.

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We’re Battling Mountains of Waste



We are uniquely structured to meet our commercial and government client needs with our two businesses.


Performant Recovery focuses on audit and recovery services for commercial and government clients. We have the infrastructure, the people and the experience to quickly and efficiently identify and recovery lost funds.


Performant Technologies uses advanced analytics to uncover value in complex data. Backed by our proprietary data processing system – Performant Insight– we quickly analyze data to find hidden patterns and discrepancies that traditional environments often miss.


We do everything possible to protect client data. That’s why Performant complies with all security, regulatory, legislative and contractual requirements.

We have undergone rigorous reviews of our security controls and are subject to regular audits to maintain our certifications.