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Your Data Holds Hidden Value

Do you have the right tools to find it?

This is the new data economy. Leaders across industries are building enterprises that rely on technology and data to support transactions. These transactions are growing exponentially, with new data created every second. Information is moving faster and leaving a trail.

To keep up, you need analytics rooted in enormous amounts of data to increase speed and impact. Analytic solutions using advanced data-processing horsepower are needed to go deep into your organization and tease out the actionable knowledge.


Discovery at Three Levels

Our analytics allow for data gathering, exploration and discovery at three levels:


Looking at historical patterns
and data points.


Evaluating future behavior from
past data.


Optimizing business
decisions and actions.

Discover through Performant Insight™

While the scope of data expands constantly, sifting through it with speed and precision is no longer an impossible challenge. Our proprietary technology, Performant Insight, makes it simple to find hidden patterns and discrepancies that traditional environments and rule-based searches miss. Behind Performant Insight is a staff of experts that provide “tacit knowledge”- practical knowledge that cannot be reduced to a set of rules. They add human intelligence and experience that highlight key connections and maximize the impact of our technology and algorithms as well as the art and science of analytics.