audit-head-icon Audit

Your path to total integrity.

Do you have the right people looking in the right places?

Improper payments degrade the integrity of commercial and government programs—compromising your bottom line.

To take on the problem, you need to identify, measure, and validate the source of the error. Performant’s audit solutions are based on data to get to the root cause and correct the issue the first time. By combining teams of industry experts with proprietary tools and analytics, we act with speed and accuracy to optimize your audit findings and recovery efforts.


Proprietary Workflow Technology

Our workflow system manages healthcare claims audits in a hosted, secure environment. It tracks, prioritizes, and monitors high-volume transactions and claims reviews from the moment the data comes in to the completion of the audit.

The system creates increased accuracy, productivity and reporting, all while safeguarding what matters the most: your relationship with providers. All our expert audit and customer service staff are plugged into the workflow system, allowing full transparency into the entire history of each claim at the click of a mouse.