Discovery Analytics

Turn Your Data Into Value

Discovery Analytics® Suite by Performant

The role of analytics is to deliver value as quickly as possible. Discovery Analytics® Suite is a set of analytics functions designed for enterprise programs. It is backed by our proprietary data processing system, Performant Insight

Activating Discovery Analytics® shines a light on hidden value. This allows you to identify areas of waste, abuse, and fraud, while revealing assets that can be recovered—or protected. Discovery Analytics® lets you target, take action and gain financial results fast.


Discovery Analytics®

This suite includes a set of packages to identify specific areas of value:



  • Early stage analytic  assessment of full data set
  • Identifies clusters, patterns, anaomalies, trends


  • Improper payment and  recovery analytics package
  • Detects, recovers and stops improper payments


  • Fraud detection and prevention analytics package
  • Targets areas such as collusive networks, drug diversion and follow the money


  • Healthcare analytics for claims and payments
  • Selects most relevant edits for maximum audit impact

Prioritize your program integrity activities
Exposure™ by Performant

Most organizations don’t know where they are exposed and losing value.

To fast-track returns and identify specific vulnerabilities, you need to look at the full picture. Doing this allows you to start with a broad view, narrow your focus, and make connections that may otherwise be missed. Many solutions today work off limited data and jump straight to the most common problems without validating them.

Our exposure assessment analytics package, Exposure™, analyzes the entire data set. It looks broad and deep to find “hot spots,” anomalies, and areas of interest. This allows for optimal allocation of addressable actions.

Example analytics:
• Cluster and pattern recognition
• CART (Classification and Regression Trees analysis)
• Predictive modeling

Accelerate your recovery efforts
Checkpoint™ by Performant

Organizations are tasked to detect, recover and stop improper payments.

Many audit reviews are time-intensive, involve costly resources, and rely on highly manual and outdated processes to “fish” for findings. Limits are often imposed on the volume of records that can be audited, so you need to be highly selective and methodical about what is audited to maximize potential findings.

Our improper payment and recovery analytics package, Checkpoint™, is designed to optimize the auditable inventory. It ensures that audit selection is precise and targets areas that will yield a return—maximizing the velocity with which value is recovered.

Example analytics:
• Scoring and selection
• Appropriate billing/inappropriate billing combinations
• Duplicates
• Matching

Localize your fraud protection and prevention efforts
Pinpoint™ by Performant

Fraud has many faces. It can be disguised in many ways and hide within multiple parties, networks, and transactions.

Investigative teams can only chase a limited number of leads, so they have to make every lead count. Your data holds the clues to reveal fraud and associated threats, but you need the right tools to pinpoint and investigate the right targets.

Our fraud analytics package, Pinpoint™, takes advantage of all of your data to expose suspicious activity and fraud at any level—no matter how complex the scheme may be. It arms your investigative unit with the information they need to fight fraud and successfully close more cases.

Example analytics:
• Aberrant trend
• Collusive networks
• Follow the money
• False transportation

Maximize your audits
Carepoint™ by Performant

With the increasing complexity of healthcare coding and the pending switch to ICD-10, commercial and government organizations are looking to protect the integrity of their healthcare claims and payments. Your audit and specialized review efforts must maximize the information available to make sure the right issues are assessed and new or emerging issues are identified.

Performant’s clinical analytics package, Carepoint™, allows healthcare audits to be performed using the most relevant edits with the highest accuracy. It also allows full exploration of claims data and rapid testing and validation of new issue hypotheses—leading to a broader scope of addressable audits.

Example analytics:
• J-Code
• New issue development