Managing Delinquent Assets
For Government Agencies

A trusted, experienced partner

When government agencies manage delinquent assets, they often transfer it to contractors that specialize in recovering it. The experience Performant has compiled over 22+ years of work with commercial and consumer obligations enables us to manage delinquent assets originating from various sources—from fees, to fines, judgments, and misuse of funds. We have earned the confidence and trust of several federal agencies and have been awarded numerous consecutive contracts.



Annual Government waste

Our recovery services include end-to-end functions that work at every level to improve, simplify, and automate the process of recovering value.

Federal asset capabilities

  • Custom recovery strategy
  • Comprehensive compliance programs
  • Specialized staffing
  • Suite of key performance metrics and dashboard reporting

Tax Recovery

Turning Lost Dollars into Revenue.

tax-recoveryBudgets are getting squeezed, putting pressure on organizations to recover funds from unpaid taxes. From casual avoiders to deliberate evaders, Performant effectively identifies the sources of delinquent taxes and then recovers the lost dollars.

We provide custom account scoring and recovery strategies, innovative skip-tracing techniques and compliance surveillance. Within our history of serving federal, state and private entities, we have recovered billions of dollars for our clients, enabling them to run efficiently and within budget.

Tax recovery capabilities

  • Recovery services
  • Lien and levy processing
  • Estate resolution
  • Administrative resolutions
  • Amnesty administration