More Than


Calls a Month

In an average month, Performant handles more than a million calls. Our customer care solutions help debtors, borrowers and taxpayers with a variety of service needs, providing timely assistance via highly-trained, knowledgeable staff. Each program is tailored to support our clients’ needs with the optimal staffing model.

We offer customer care solutions for a variety of customer service needs, including tax amnesty programs and federal loan servicing centers.

Customer Care

Nationwide coverage and proven recovery workflows.

We operate four call centers across the United States housing more than 1,000 staff. Each call center is equipped with advanced capabilities and friendly staff adept at establishing relationships with customers—reducing complaints and increasing productivity and results.

Our call centers offer top performance, including answering inbound calls in an average of under 5 seconds, and maintaining a less than 1% abandonment rate. With advanced services such as bilingual call services, flexible timezone calling hours, and call monitoring, we're committed to delivering the best experience.


Call Centers


Trained Professionals

Leading Customer Experience

  • Excel in regulatory compliance, consumer satisfaction, low complaints, and dollars recovered
  • Maintain a track record of low complaints
  • Average client relationship of more than 15 years
  • Proven call center performance, including less than 1% abandonment rates and average wait time of less than 5 seconds


15 Years

Average Client Relationship

What We Offer

  • Bilingual services
  • Extensive and ongoing training on variety of topics including compliance standards
  • Flexible staffing model to assist clients on-site
  • Dynamic scheduling to support all U.S. time zones
  • Rapid call escalation to support successful resolution
  • Customized user friendly website
  • Compliant scripts and letters
  • Call monitoring to support quality control