Healthcare Audit

Turn audits into action.

More than $800 billion of healthcare spending is wasted in the United States annually. Solving this problem requires a solution that looks at the big picture and applies the right resources to the right areas.

Performant fights rising healthcare costs by enabling you to discover vulnerabilities and take fast action to correct them. With smarter analytics, an advanced workflow system and a team of industry experts, we dive into the details to find the areas that yield the highest returns.



To date, we have identified
more than $1.8 billion improper
payments for one of our clients.

We provide a wide range of automated and complex healthcare audits:


Facility/Inpatient Audits
Diagnosis-related group (DRG), hospital bill audit, ambulatory payment classification, and skilled nursing facility.


Ancillary/Outpatient Audits
Durable medical equipment (DME), home health and hospice, pharmacy, and evaluation and management code reviews.


Other Specialty Audits
Medicare secondary payer, contract reviews and more.