Our business is built on 40 years of recovery and collections experience, including a highly trained customer service staff, robust infrastructure, and compliance-driven processes.

We have experience handling billions of dollars of recovery inventory and work with our health plans clients to design the solution that best meets their needs, whether it’s expanding the scope of a clinical audit program or developing a tailored program for a specific problem area, such as Medigap.

All of our provider recovery services take advantage of the Performant Insight™ technology to optimize performance, and are managed with a compliance and customer experience focus.

We offer a diverse range of recovery services for health plans, including:

  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Medicare Supplemental
  • Medicaid Reclamation
  • And more

High Volume

Comprehensive Compliance Capabilities

Customer-Centric Delivery

Proven Approaches

Recovery Processes Built to Achieve Your Specific Goals.

  • Established, compliance-driven infrastructure
  • Purpose-built workflow technology for recovery
  • Highly experienced and trained staff

Talk to us to learn more about how our experienced and trained team can help you.

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