Recovery Services

Boost your bottom line and regain lost value.

Recover by Performant

Organizations are facing increasing pressure to reduce costs and recover delinquent and improper payments. At the same time, transaction-based data is constantly growing. Keeping pace means having recovery services backed by people, processes and technologies that are proven to convert data into a steady flow of recovered value.

Recover by Performant uncovers actionable opportunities by going deeper than other manual review methods. Our data-driven methodology quickly analyzes and uncovers erroneous transactions. This allows us to focus on negotiating payments rather than pursuing endless leads.



Recovering financial assets in different industries requires specific skill sets and tools. Performant’s Recover services include several specialized areas:

+ Recovery services
+ Risk management
+ Early awareness
+ Default prevention


Our core services are supported by a number of other capabilities that make Recover a complete portfolio of solutions.

+ Inventory control management
+ Online skip-tracing
+ Account scoring and ranking
+ Intelligent work scheduling
+ Correspondence and call management

CustomerCare by Performant


We operate four call centers across the United States housing more than 1,100 staff.

Recovering delinquent assets requires robust infrastructure and active customer outreach. CustomerCare by Performant is a complete set of tools that anticipates the complexities of each phase of the recovery process while maximizing returns.

We operate four call centers across the United States housing more than 1,100 staff. Each call center is equipped with advanced capabilities and friendly staff adept at establishing relationships with customers—reducing complaints and increasing productivity and results.

With the right tools, processes and people in place, we incorporate customer service techniques and methodologies into our everyday operations—making it the core philosophy for how Performant thinks and acts.

RecoveryOne by Performant

As unpaid assets continue to grow, organizations are losing money every day. Recovering these assets can seem like a daunting task. Too often it involves outsourcing to multiple companies and trying to manage all of them at the same time.

RecoveryOne is Performant’s centralized approach for managing all your recovery efforts in one place so that you can focus your resources where you really need them. With RecoveryOne, we manage all contractors and recovery activities using proprietary methods for vetting and distributing accounts—all designed to maximize recovery.


Manage all your recovery efforts in one place so you that you can focus your resources where you really need them.

The benefits of RecoveryOne

+ Increased revenue (maximized net return on delinquent/written-off assets)
+ Consolidated portfolio management with orchestrated focus
+ Reduced administrative expenses with single vendor
+ Dedicated team monitoring inventory management and workflow
+ Centralized payment processing
+ Single-channel reporting and issue resolution
+ Exceptional customer service