Maximize revenue and reduce waste.

Apply the right tools to recover lost value

Billions of dollars in improper payments occur in the United States every year. Recovering these dollars without negatively impacting customers is a challenge. To fast-track returns and protect customer relationships, you need a comprehensive solution pressure-tested across different industries.


Performant is built on over 30 years of experience recovering delinquent payments and defaulted transactions. We have the infrastructure, people and know-how to best represent our client’s brand. We know how to craft solutions that quickly and efficiently recover lost funds. Our recovery services feature end-to-end capabilities that work at every level to improve, simplify, and automate the process of recovering value:


Identify and recover lost value with proven recovery services

Customer service with an experienced staff and established outreach methods


Maximize accounts receivables with a centralized portfolio management approach – and master service agreement

Workflow technology


A technology that optimizes recovery and boosts productivity to help meet program goals

Recovery is a discipline. It requires rigor, focus and a clear sense of priorities.

This is not your typical case management system. It is our proprietary technology that intelligently manages and organizes workload. It prioritizes and monitors high-volume cases and has a set of functions built-in to optimize recovery.

Our workflow technology gives our recovery specialists access to proven tools to facilitate recovery. It is customizable and adapts to the knowledge and proficiency of each recovery specialist—boosting productivity.

Recovery workflow
management for healthcare

Our proprietary workflow system manages healthcare claims audits in a hosted, secure environment.

It tracks, prioritizes and monitors high-volume transactions and claims reviews from the moment the data comes in, to the completion of the audit.

The system creates increased accuracy, productivity and reporting, all while safeguarding what matters the most: your relationship with providers. All our audit and customer service staff are plugged into the system, allowing full transparency into the entire history of each claim at the click of a mouse.


Protecting your relationships with providers using a tool that increases accuracy, productivity and reporting